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We simply get too many emails to respond to individual problems very quickly. We will work to solve the bug or problem in the FHL code but it will likely not be in a time frame that will revive your league or return your league files to a usable state. This is what makes backups so important!

If you have read our FAQs and still have questions, please try the FHLSim Forum.

FHLSim Forum

Scour the FHLSim Discussion Forum and ask a question there. There is a lot of peer support for FHL and that is often the fastest and best support avenue. Someone else likely had your problem before and may have solved it.

If the question hasn't been answered there, then send it to us by filling in the information requested to fhlsupport@fhlsim.com. We absolutely MUST have the following information included in a single email to answer your question:

Full Name:
Registration Number:
Operating System Version:
(from Control Panel-System-General)
Exact Error Message:

Steps to repeat error:

Other Comments:

Other Comments

We'll attempt to answer your question and if it is applicable to all, we'll post them on the FAQ page.

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