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FHL1.5 Press Release


ATTN: Sports & Business Editors

17 September 2004


OTTAWA - FHLSim.com today unveiled the latest version of its newly updated FHL Sim Fantasy Hockey League Simulator game. FHLSim goes beyond boxscore-based hockey pools by enabling participants to continue their fun regardless of the status of the NHL -- and its labour unrest.

In its seventh year of leading the league in fantasy role-playing hockey games, FHLSim is the engine that drives the premier fantasy hockey simulation pools. Fantasy hockey simulation pools are similar to the common office hockey pool, but instead the participants fill the role of coaches, general managers and agents, competing to fantasy hockey supremacy. Casual and avid hockey fans alike can even enjoy the same league.

"If fans cannot get their pro hockey fix at the rink or on TV, they can still create and manage a realistic hockey team on their home computer," said FHLSim proprietor Wynn Fenwick. "I will miss pro hockey in real life, but I still get my hockey pool fix thanks to the latest release of FHL."

FHLSim also recently received the Gaming Illustrated Editor's Choice award in July. "The believability is astounding," wrote Executive Editor Sean Gibson. "There is simply no finer program out there than FHLSim," he concluded.

FHLSim sports a vibrant user community, works with most home PCs and does not require any subscription fees. FHLSim has been enjoyed by at least 30,000 hockey fans across Canada and around the world, including Russia and Japan.

FHLSim.com is a privately held company headquartered Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Gaming Illustrated is a privately held subsidiary of SGS International, LLC, headquartered in San Diego, CA with offices in Irvine, CA.

All inquiries should be directed to Wynn Fenwick at 613-762-2678.
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