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Game Features

  • General
    • Runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
    • Free unlimited GM Editor you may supply to GM's to create lines then send them as an attachment for FHL to import.
    • Simulate your own seasons, using your own teams, independent of reality.
    • Automatic HTML output. User can customize header info for every web page to include graphics, then program automatically creates pages for you.
  • Administration
    • Create a league from scratch using draft tools or use other people's league files. Import rosters from HLS2 files.
    • Draft players imported from a simple text file, so commissioners can add as many names as they see fit. An annual draft list will also be provided.
    • Text lines submissions via email supported.
    • Integrated entry draft. Includes a lottery for non-playoff teams.
    • Determines free agents, with user defined conditions for restricted and unrestricted free agency. Program allows outputting of current free agents.
    • Easy annual update of player ratings. Player databases easily imported and updated without league re-creation. At the click of one button, players will be updated using the new ratings and any prospect players who appear in the new database will automatically be added to the appropriate roster.
    • Option to protect players for an expansion draft. A list of unprotected players can then be generated.
    • Leadership and experience ratings which affect player morale and performance under pressure.
    • Keeps track of draft picks, all nine rounds, six years into the future.
    • Keeps track of prospect players who can be automatically added to the regular roster when they appear in the master player database.
    • Complete editing of player info, including salary, birthplace.
  • Game Play
    • Base your teams on real or imaginary players rated in over 16 categories. (need to link to the faq on what all the categories are: Intensity, Speed, Strength, Endurance, Durability, Discipline, Skating, Passing, Puck Control, Defence, Scoring, Experience, Leadership, Height, Weight and Shooting hand.)
    • Coach ratings in four categories: Offence, Defense, Experience, Leadership.
    • Detailed financial management tools, based on revenues and expenses based on ticket sales, team performance, salaries, projected budgets, and cash trades.
    • Player suspensions for excessive penalty minutes or causing injury.
    • Realistic injury system based on player Durability rating.
    • Players do not receive a set number of injury days. Instead they are listed as Day to Day, 1-3 weeks, etc. Players then recover at different rates, according to their DU rating. That way you don't know exactly how many games a player will miss. In fact, if you have enough off days, he may not miss any games at all!
  • Statistics
    • Detailed boxscores including penalty names, fight results, game highlights, and individual player stats (including ice time).
    • Tracks rookies and rookie scoring leaders.
    • Detailed team statistics including PIM, Shots For/Game, Shots Against/Game.
    • Multiple team statistics. When players are traded FHL tracks stats on the new team while storing old stats.
    • Active Farm League. FHL will generate standings and scoring leaders for players who are placed on the farm rosters.
    • Detailed player info, including height, weight, age and contract length.
  • View release notes from each update
  • FHL 1.5 Press Release
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