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FHLSim.com GM Editor

The GM Editor program allows GM's of your FHL league to load league files, set rosters and lineups and save them to a lineup file for submission to the commissioner via email (or other method).


GM editor is free to distribute to your league GM's provided they are participating in a league which runs from a registered version of FHL.


I am pleased to tell you about the beta release of a new version GM Editor, the freely distributable tool for FHL that allows GMs to set their lineups. This is a point-release upgrade. It fixes a number of bugs and adds some enhancements. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the enhancements (there are morem, I just forgot some of them):


  • Now installs properly under Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP (about time!).
  • OV calculations now consistent with FHL.exe and league HTML reports.
  • Uses common dialog box to save lines.
  • Forms are all centred on screen.
  • Added an about dialog box.
  • FHL branding, version information.
  • numerous minor bug fixes

In Set Lines Form:

  • Added double-click for player details compatibility.
  • Added ratings bar for the current player in focus.
  • Added Line Assignment feature to tell what lines a player is assigned to.
  • Added Line focus and line rating average tallies.

GM Editor has been through a brief closed beta which did work out some bugs. The open beta process will hopefully bring out more bugs due to wider exposure.

There have been two prior versions of GM Editor. v1.0 did not allow reloading of lineup files. The current version 1.1 allows loading of the .lns file so you can make adjustements to your lineups without having to fetch new league files. There were also some minor bug fixes included.

Version 1.0 - 1998

Version 1.1 - 1999

Version 1.2beta - 2002


Future functionality enhancements of GM editor will likely not be released (bug fixes and compatibility releases excepted), but rather incorporated into FHL itself. In other words, if your GMs want new functionality above the basics, they can purchase FHL and get it.