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Software has bugs. FHL is no different. The FHL team has added a bug tracking database to track the bugs from first report to quash.

If it's serious enough, we'll give a bug number and you can use that as a reference to the bug you've reported. However, this practice is limited as we have limited resources.

Reporting Process

To make it easy to fix, the best way to report a bug is to post a message to the FHL forum with the exact steps to repeat it. This way we have some context.

Good Report

Hi, I have a potential bug: Open FHL, Click on Play Games, Click on Today's Games. It runs 2 games then gives a "Run Time Error 381 Invalid Property Array Index".

Bad Report

Hey! I get runtime error 5!. Now it doesn't run games! Help!

What we will do

If it's something we've seen, we'll point you to the fix unless someone else has.

If it's new, we'll try and help on the Forum.

If it's really problematic, we'll likely get the league files, file a bug report and attempt to reproduce it.

We can't guarantee when we will be able to reply. 

League Files

We can't promise to fix your league files, so be sure to back them up. Most leagues use WinZip or just a backup directory before doing major operations, just in case.

We do occassionally ask for league files so we can reproduce a bug in our virtual lab [heh... a fancy way of talking about our own PC's and ICQ... :) ]

We look forward to helping your league be as successful as it can!